Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diary 13 to 15 Feb 17

Monday morning we visited yet another Greenford property for sale. Once again, too small. Monday evening were pleased to welcome our family from Canterbury including their new member, Inki. I cannot recall her breed except that she is a cross, small, black and white and hairy. She is very quiet, and for a puppy, very well behaved. I am not a fan of small dogs. But Inky has won me over.  Her mistress, Sahara, still struggles with some undiagnosed chronic fatigue which is hampering her schooling and dad, David, may further reduce his work to do some home schooling. Unfortunately local homeschooling networks will not support the attempt unless the child is 100% home schooled. That to me seems ideological, not helpful.Her grammar school have helped with one to one maths and real understanding of the practicalities of her problems. Her young brother Zac is due to start boys' grammar school in September. The family were with us until Wednesday morning.

Tuesday morning we all played, Ticket to Ride and as usual I came a humiliating last. One day I may understand the complicated rules of a fun game. Then the Greenford family, Adrian, Rachel, Elissa and Ethan joined for lunch before I had another appointment at St Mark's Hospital. This time it was the screening clinic reporting on the histology of the bits the surgeon removed last week. Cancer is confirmed so my next appointment is today, Thursday, meeting with a member of the consultant's team to discus scan results and possible next step which will probably be surgery in the near future. Frankly I will dread the prospect of the knife less than another colonoscopy, not that the latter is in prospect.

Wednesday I posted cheques to pay the architect for plans to build a downstairs toilet and shower and also extend the kitchen and lounge. Also cheques to Ealing planning for approval and building inspection fees. Personally I think we will be going the extension route as houses in our price range are too small and we have had no offers for ours. Katy is more hopeful of a surprise suitable house to buy. In the afternoon I once again visited the bed bound 97 year old in his nursing home. A chat, Psalm read and prayer. Then greeting the matron I found she was Nigerian, Tiv, trained by the CRC branch of our old mission at Mkar, Benue State. So we had quite a long chat having much in common. Mkar, like the hospital where we served, Vom, was taken over by the then military government in the late 70s only to be returned under civilian government the next decade.

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