Friday, May 31, 2019

Rutherford Revised (154)

154. To Alexander Gordon of Knockgray, near Carsphairn        From Aberdeen 1637

Dear brother,- I have no time to write to you. You knew Christ's ways long before I, who am only a child, knew anything of Him. I do not know what wrong and violence the bishops may, by God's permission, do to you for your trial, but this I do know, that your ten days of trouble will end. Contend for Christ to the last breath. I hear I am to be exiled out of these kingdoms; this land cannot bear me. I pray you to inform my brothers and sisters with you about my situation and imprisonment. I entrust more of my spiritual comfort to you' and them that way, my dear brother, than to many others in this kingdom. I hope you will not let Christ's prisoner down.
   Fear nothing, for I assure you that Alexander Gordon of Knockgray will win and get his soul for a prisoner. And what else can he want that is worth having? You write that your friends are cold; and so are those in whom I greatly trusted. Our Husband does well to smash our idols. Dry wells send us to the fountain. 'My life is not precious to me if I can complete my course with joy.' I am afraid you must move away; your new hireling will not tolerate your disapproval of him, for the bishop is afraid that Christ will get you; and the bishop cannot stop it. 
   Grace be with you.
      Yours in his sweet Lord and Master,  S.R.

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