Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Rutherford revised (58)

58. To my Lady Kenmure            From Anwoth 8 Jun 1636

Right Honourable, - I cannot find time to write some things I intended on Job, I have been so busy with the disorders we are troubled with in our calling. For our Bishop will have us either  swallow our lives again and digest in the discomfort of our stomachs (though we would vomit our conscience and all in this troublesome conformity) or then he will try to see if the removal from office can convert us to the ceremonial way.
  I write to your Ladyship, Madam, without distrusting your affection or willingness to help me, as your Ladyship is able, by yourself or others; but to inform you that I hang by a small thread. But our learned Bishop, because we cannot see with his eyes as far as a millstone as his light does, he will not follow his Master, sweet Jesus, who waited for the weary and out of breath on the way to heaven. We all do not see equally well, and some are weaker,  he carries the lambs in his arms and gently leads those that have young. But we must see all the evil of ceremonies to be  indifferent matters;  or suffer no less then to be thrown out of the Lord's  inheritance. Madam, if I had time I would write at greater length, but your Ladyship will excuse me until a fitter occasion. Grace be with you and your child and keep you company to your best home.             Your Ladyship's in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S. R.

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