Friday, March 01, 2019

Rutherford revised (44)

44. To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth Undated 

Well-beloved sister,- my love in Jesus Christ remembered. Your daughter is well, thanks be to God. I trust in Him you will have joy from her; the Lord bless her. I am now that present going about catechising. The bearer is about to leave. Do not forget the poor church and the Lord remember you, for we will soon be winnowed; Jesus,  pray for us that our faith do not fail. I would like to see you with us on a Sabbath, and we will stir one another up, God willing, to seek the Lord for maybe  that He will soon hidden from us. Keep what you have; you will get more in heaven. The Lord send us to this shore, out of all this storm, with our silly souls sound and the whole for if liberty of conscience comes, as rumoured, the best of us will have to think how to see to be free. But we shall be like those who have their room to go into, spoken of in Isaiah (Is 26:20). Read the place yourself and keep inside your house until this storm passes. If you can learn a song against C, try and try, again so you may see the Lord's righteous judgement upon the devils instruments. We owe nothing to his kindness. I wish all such evildoers were cut off.
   I write in haste. I bless you in God's name and all yours. Your daughter wants the Bible and a dress. I hope she will use the Bible well which if she does the dress is better given. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
   Yours forever in Christ,  S.R.

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