Monday, March 04, 2019

Rutherford revised (53)

53. To Marion M'Naught            From Anwoth Undated

Mistress, - my love in Christ remembered. And having arranged a meeting with Mr David Dickon, and knowing the B will not attend the Presbytery, I cannot see you now. Commend my journey to God. Bless you for your last letter. Do not be discouraged. Christ will not lack the Iles men; 'The Isles will wait for his law,' we are His inheritance, and he will sell no part of His inheritance. Because of the sins of this land, and our breaking of the covenant, contempt for the gospel and our leaving the truth;  He has set up a burning fire in our Mount Zion; but I say, and will stand by it, the green grass will yet grow on our Mount Zion. There will be dew all night among the lilies among which Christ feeds until the day break and the shadows fly away. And the moth will eat up the enemies of Christ. Let them make a fire on their own and walk in its light; it will not let them see to go to their bed; but they will lie down in sorrow (Is 1:11). Therefore rejoice and believe. Written quickly. Grace, grace be with you and yours.
   Yours in Christ,   S.R.

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