Monday, March 05, 2018

Diary w/e 3 Mar 18

Sun 25 Feb
6:30 downstairs putting on my shoes to constant barking. Libby is one impatient female demanding instant gratification. Dennis up earlier than of recent, a good sign of pain healing a little.
   Calvary Chapel Newcastle with Julie. The leader wore a cloth cap and was the only musician, guitarist. No call to worship. About twenty minutes of singing standing first, sit-in, standing. All thee and later songs contemporary and new to me. Somewhat repetitive and subjective but not wholly so. But when one mentioned a thousand tongues I longed for Wesley and some acknowledgement that the church has millennia of psalms and hymns and wisdom does not begin and end with the contemporary. No confession of sin nor promise of forgiveness. no real pastoral prayer. From song to sermon with no Scripture first. Only greeting of one another a la the peace which I try not to join in anywhere as I deem it artificial and no part of the worship of God. The sermon was expository from 1 Co:1 and was expository.We had good reference to the death of Billy Graham this week. I had a good chat after with the pastor who has been there over a decade and seen the church grow. male leadership and emphasis on prayer. I can forgive them being confessionally premillennial. Schaeffer was. I was welcomed before and taken with after.
   Dennis has given me a couple of presents including a razor sharp skinning knife with sheath. Its three and a half inch blade will be illegal to carry in our nanny state England. Dennis points out that the blade is only sharpened for three inches but I do not think that reasoning would be accepted by plod. However, being old and white not young and black I will not fear stop and search if I ever carried it out of the home. It fixes to one's belt.
Sunday afternoon drive to Auburn. Dennis must be some better as he came too. First I photographed the million dollar plus mansions with a fifty mile view to Sacramento. Then to the American River canyon and its bridges. Dinner at Sizzlers - steak and lobster. I am replete. Back home for a local 7% IPA - and a walk for Libby.

Mon 26 Feb

Last night I heard noise as if children were crying outside.SKUNKS.

Up before the sun and out with Libby in the RAIN which is an answer to California’s prayers as drought (and fires) are the fear here. So it was walk by moonlight. I hear the gasman due to repair today cometh not. He is snowed in up at Grass Valley. I hope we can drive up there in the Jeep.Grass Valley is the retirement home of a very famous Yorkshireman, Jimmy Binks, wicketkeeper par excellence in the sixties. Evans was the one who had the England caps but banks kept for the champions.

We went to see the snow recently fallen at elevations around 2000 feet. My first ride in a Jeep and this time Libby came too. I wanted to find a famous Yorkshireman but could only leave him a message at his club.

Dinner with Esther and Christian, Joshua and Clementine. A good spread from Esther.

Tues 27 Feb

After lunch to the hospital. My fourth visit with Julie and Dennis.Urology and pharmacy, the last a more inefficient time wasting drag than the NHS. Then we dined with Joanna and Nate. I had a lobster feast. Comparisons may be odious but Joanna is a favourite feisty female friend. Lobster, crab, prawns and mussels. Crab was messy eating. Beer only available cold.

Wed 28 Feb

Last walk with Libby was before dawn. Then I was reading the Bible and she was barking to go out again. I left later than expected as instead of going via Seattle Was rerouted via Los Angeles getting in half an hour later. I availed myself of wheelchair assistance. It can get you on the plane quickly and certainly is swifter through immigration. From Sacramento to LA I was seated next to a Russian Baptist who could recite whole psalms to me. LA was only an hour between flights and different terminal so wheelchair assistance was useful.  The flight from Sacramento was full but to Heathrow was not crowded. I was not given a choice of seat but an aisle suited me better than a window. Nearly eleven hours is no fun without sleep but I enjoyed Paddington 2 and Attenborough's BBC documentaries on the oceans. 

Thur 1 Mar

We were into Heathrow on time but then spent the best part of an hour awaiting our position at the terminal while a previous plane was deiced. I was too late to go on Eurostar as planned. I also had a pain in my left foot all the way. Gout? Good to be home in the snow.
Library shut. Refuse not collected. Get a little snow and local employees in the public sector turn into snowflakes.

Fri 2 Mar

Back to my usual routine. Rise whenever I wake.Medicines and a drink. Word and prayer. MacBook and email etc.Hot drink of Katy's choice at 7am before she rises.. Set breakfast table.
I have decided to give up on reading fiction except for favourite authors like Grisham and Seymour and books I own but as yet unread. But no more library fiction unless I like the author. I will though read review copies gifted to me if they look to be of interest. Most modern Western fiction, like its art, resounds with meaninglessness.
Full marks to my able Debbie who has sorted my unco-operative iPhone. It screwed itself up when I tries to dial a number in USA. It failed to recognise it then failed to recognise any numbers when I turned home. it appears you have to change some setting in another country. No-one told me and Debbie knew not either. Black mark Apple.

Sat 3 Mar

The thaw has come and yesterday's legosnowmen are feeling it.
Library shut until further notice. Will that notice be on their door like today's?

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