Friday, March 02, 2018

C of E schools' selection of pupils sucks

C of E schools' selection of pupils is a disgrace. First of all they naturally prefer their own kind. They pay the pipers so may choose who can follow them. But they are fully aware that shortly before the selection process there are lots of new Anglican attenders, instant Christians fooling the selection.
Then there was preference for other denominations as long as they are in Churches Together. This means that those not following the ecumenical dance are disadvantaged. You might as well be an atheist or Hindu and have the same priority as a Christian from an independent black or a Presbyterian church like ours.
Finally there is William Perkins where children from Horsenden get priority over the nearer Oldfield which defies logic. The school reckons it has a valid reason but logical it is not.
Incidentally Twyford was the only school where I failed in my attempt to be a governor over twenty years ago though five other schools including one in Brent found me acceptable. Outspoken non-conformist not welcomed though I had four children who went there.

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