Monday, March 12, 2018

Diary w/e 10 Mar 2018

Sun 4 Mar

Morning at Dean Hall as the school closed to us due, I presume, to the now thawed snow. Levy his usulal good self on Mat 5, Christ fulfilling the law. For the first time ever I observed a preacher halting his sermon to rebuke his child in the congregation. He tells me he did it once before.
   Lunch four guests, one Austrian but you would not know from her perfect English. This couple are leaving IPC due to a new job elsewhere. I told them they do not need to take their standing order for church finance away when they go. They have invited us to a seaside break
   Evening service Levy Num 8 then the Table led well by a new young elder.

Mon 5 Mar

Well done my son David. He has rooted out a line via my paternal grandmother taking me back to John Collyborn 1539 -the year Anne of Cleves came to marry HenryVIII. He is my 12th great-grandfather. We know no more about him but he was a man who was around for the Reformation n England. He has also found a line of Weeks emigrants to USA 200 years ago.
Good elders meeting - 8/9 of us there with our usual visitors from our churches in Ilford and Liss.

Tues 6 Mar

U3A World Religions on 'Your religion. Have you changed?' Three RC women spoke. Only one was from a thoroughly RC family and she was the one still well committed. Then a pastoral visit.
I have a problem of not sleeping long at present. Today I thought I got up ar 2:45. Two hours later I found it had been 12:45. I may feel tired and return to sleep before Katy has her 7am tea from me. So I was up and England were doing pretty well in NZ with two Yorkshire centuries. But dopey me knocked over a mug of tea and so smashed the Charles and Di wedding mug. It lasted longer than their marriage and her life.I still have my 1953 coronation mug as given to all children at the time. Rarer is the mug for the coronation of Edward VIII which of course never happened. The unworthy prince preferred the woman he loved to the duty to which he was born. God saved us from a fascist sympathising king - God and Churchill. Hitler would have put Edward on the throne. Instead we had the God fearers, George and Elizabeth to lead.

Wed 7 mar
Nine years ago I was in my second term of two years as IPC presbytery moderator. I was ordained 40 years ago in Nigeria and installed in Ealing 35 years ago. I am now IPC's longest continuous serving elder AFAIK.
U3A here, Current Affairs on Artificial Intelligence. I shall argue it is a secular myth.
Good U3A on Artificial Intelligence which I still call a misnomer. One new attendee whose particular interest is Tudor church history so kindred interest. Next time we will tackle customs union, single market and the Irish border. Expect no solutions.
Walk to post office with American sweets for a friend.
Cooking baked chicken, potato wedges and broccoli in cheese sauce. Chicken coating from Bass Pro USA.

Thur 8 Mar

A countryside walk discovering the rural close to home. Marnham Fields and along the canal.
Paul Levy excellent on John 10 at Greenford Lunchtime Talk. I had never heard this 'I am" expounded as a kingly title before. Cooked chicken casserole with celery.

Fri 9 Mar

My final and fourth injection into my left eye this morning. Went well in under three hours. Doctor says to check with DVLA on driving. The site is not user friendly at all and the phone engaged.

Sat 10 Mar
Morning walk, 3Km along the canal to The Black Horse. Our old friends the Wells to lunch. Friends for nearly fifty years. Trevor was the accountant at Vom. I always said he only had red ink pens. Jean was one of the doctors who helped deliver our eldest three. Trevor pointed out we met first June 1969. Out came my diary. 23rd June, All nations Missionary College sports day. Trevor remembered I was head student. So next year we plan a grand Wells and Weeks reunion to celebrate a golden friendship anniversary. There should be 209 of us to deter. Our children and theirs grew up together but the next generation have not met.

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