Saturday, March 24, 2018

Diary w/e 24 Mar 18

Sun 18 Mar 18

To Liss IPC in the snow. Late arriving as A40 blocked with no notice or diversion marked. But M25, A3 very quiet and often the fast lane was not clear of slush.
   James Buchanan led and preached an excellent sermon on Col 3, relationships are all to be seen in the light of our relationship to the Lord.
   I was surprised to find Liss has always had juice in thimbles for communion whereas Ealing has had shared cup(s) of wine. But no big matter. Noted the absence of some members who have removed themselves to Hope church it seems. Once there was IPC there. Now IPC, Trinity and Hope x 2. I am reminded of Paul, Phi 1:18  Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.
   Lunch with the Raines who have been in Liss 25 years this week. We reminisced over IPC and L'Abri history as my contact with IPC goes back to 1969 and L'Abri to meeting Ranald Macaulay in 1965.
   Home 4:30 with M25 and M4 flowing well. IPC at Dean Hall. Levy good on Num 9 but in his children's talk on snow he referenced my grey beard not the white hair of his mother sitting in front o me or my fellow elder Chuck who also has a snowy hoary head.

Mon 19 Mar

Through snowy Ravenor park to the dentist for a top incisor filling, bank and bakers.

TUES 20 Mar

For the first time in several months I made it to early morning prayer. Walk E7 walk. Seven of us at prayer. Then I was given a lift to Brentford and walked over 4Km to Toplocks Southall. Several boats were showing occupancy but not one on the move. Chris Roberts did the lunchtime talk on resurrection, John 20. Then a good report from the consultant cardiologist.

Wed 21 Mar

My youngest grandchild is seven today. Going to see him and ask him if he knows what happened the month after I was seven.

Had an excellent U3A history group on the history of India that led to partition.We concluded matters might have been better if independence had been offered in 1919 not 1947. Our next meeting is on Stalin.

Led house group on 1 Sam 13 - we need to wait for and attend on God's word.

Thur 22 Mar

Walked through the park for some shopping at Lidl. Their stuff is cheaper but they have gaps in one's wants, like no ordinary tubs of cream today and their ginger beer is for ever short supply. meanwhile mt home made ginger beer has been poured away after I used salt not sugar.

Chris Roberts on God's omniscience at Greenford lunchtime talks. Numbers continue to be few.

Fri 23 Mar
I went to South Harrow to walk a guide dog, a new experience for both of us. E10 disrupted by traffic lights at a burst water main near Gurnell. One missing going then the first one stopped half way to Northolt. 170 and a walk to find the dog. Lost where streets are not named and go round junctions with no signs. had an hour's walk to a park that turned out to be a locked sports field. H12, 170, E10 back, the latter over half an hour's wait, two missed then two together.
My first Borrow My Doggy - Lilly the guide dog.
My next dog walk is booked for Monday, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Southall who likes people not dogs. That seems to me the opposite of the usual where people like dogs not people.

Sat 24 Mar

2Km to Greenford Broadway and back for a little shopping. One great Indian supermarket, but veggie only so am trying the halal butcher's chicken drumsticks. Would have bussed back but over five minutes late so walked.
The ladies have been to IKEA and bought us new wardrobes. Now the chief assembler is to go to work at her convenience. Old items to give away or sell. One on eBay.

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