Saturday, March 17, 2018

Diary w/e 17 Mar 18

Sun 11 Mar

Good adult Sunday School, Chris Roberts on Justification in Christ, morning Paul Levy on Thou shalt not kill. I had questions to him about his identification of anger with murder as it does not apply to all anger and some anger is righteous. In the evening his 35 minutes on Num 9, Passover, seemed longer than usual. Only once before in 15 tears have I thought him prolix.
   We enjoyed Mother's Day lunch courtesy of Rachel. Adrian's parents there too. After lunch Rachel, Ethan and and I walked to the park. Some years ago I received an electronic pedometer. Now i am using it for the first time. 4.2Km yesterday, 3.1 Km today.
   Thanks to two of my fellow elders I have received Grappa via our Synod meeting.

Mon 12 Mar

Walked the canal Kensington Road to Hayes Bridge, 2.7 Km in rain. Cooked chicken and leek bake for dinner. Attempting to brew ginger beer.

Tue 13 Mar 18

As well as reading less fiction I am also watching less visual fiction on TV. Documentaries are my favourites now - until the returns of Have I got news for You and Doc Martin.
In the Central Library local history section I asked for books on the history of Greenford. I perused three including Greenford, Northolt and Perivale Past, 1999, by Frances Hounsell A good one to buy second hand I thought until I looked on Amazon. £54.07 (5 used & new offers). I am astonished and keeping my money.
ELT Levy excellent on calming the storm and victory over Legion. Pastoral visit to aged member whose legal power of attorney I am to have.

Wed 14 Mar

A 2Km walk to Northolt Sorting Office to collect a parcel too big for our letterbox. First day of Spring? Warm enough to sit out and to put washing out to dry. Sickened by uncritical eulogies on Hawking. Too sleepy in ! Sam 12  house group.

Thur 15 Mar

Walked through Ravenor park and on to the cemetery where I nibbled some lunch before a CT scan of my kidneys at Ealing Hospital.

Fri 16 Mar

Flying back from Los Angeles I had constant pain in my left big toe. Gout? Do not say, too much port. Au contraire. Not enough. But last night, though the pain had not really been a bother since nay return, the gout pain was very bad. So phone consultation with GP today and within a coupe of hours medication and a blood test and pain abated.
   E5 to Top Locks. 3.7Km walk to Bulls Bridge. E6 home.

Sat 17 mar

A little snow did not put us off a visit to our friends of 47 years, the Braitwaites, near Bedford. 

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