Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You Gov on the general election

General Election outcome
A hung Parliament was a scenario very few Opinion Formers, and indeed people generally, predicted from the UK General Election as we discovered when last month we asked you what you thought might happen;
  • 19% envisaged “a landslide majority of over a 100 seats for the Conservative party" 
  • 57% thought that “a solid Conservative majority of around 50 seats” was almost certain or very likely to happen
  • Just 21% predicted “a very small Conservative majority of around the previous level” 
  • Only 8% predicted a hung parliament, with 4% thinking "the Conservatives forming a coalition government with another party" very likely, compared to 3% who thought Labour forming a coalition government was very likely.
The 2017 General Election certainly seems to fit the general narrative of surprising electoral outcomes around the world.

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