Monday, June 05, 2017

Where is freedom of speech?

The following restrictions are what the police was imposed on a Christian preacher. Where is liberty?
Must not:
1. Preach in a public place for longer than 30 minutes in any 24hr period.
2. Use any equipment to amplify my voice when preaching in a public place.
3. Remain within 10 metres of any retail or commercial premises when asked to move on by a member of staff, if preaching in a public place at the time.
4. Display any signs or placards while preaching in a public place.
5. Use any object (whether fixed or movable) to raise myself above ground level whilst preaching in a public place.
I must:
1. Wear a working body worn camera that captures video and audio recordings continuously when preaching and is to surrender it immediately upon request by a police officer or police staff member.
2. Retain any unedited body worn camera footage for a period of 28 days from the date of filming.
This is being applied for by the Avon and Somerset Police.

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