Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Today in Church History" June 13, 1525

Today we remember one of my favorite events in church history. On this day in 1525, Martin Luther married Katerine von Bora. 

Katerine (Luther often called her Katie) was a nun. A number of the nuns in her convent embraced the Gospel. Luther developed a plan for the ladies to escape the convent. Let me share with you the story. 

One of Luther's friends sold fish to the convent. After he had made his delivery, he hid the ladies in empty herring barrels. He then drove his wagon out of the convent with the women in the back of the wagon in the barrels. 

Luther found husbands for all the women except one nun. You guess it. He could not find a suitable match for Katherine. Later he married her. They had a happy marriage for 21 years. 

Katerine made a positive difference in Luther's life and ministry. Luther was able to carry on the work of the Reformation because of his wife's love and support. 

Luther respected his wife's intellect. She regularly participated in the theological discussions with the guest around the dinner table. SDG 
Pastor Dan Korzep

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