Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reflecting on last week's election.

This was the fifth time in three years that I have been surprised by an election. The previous four were pleasant surprises this was not.
First, to state the obvious May bet on what she thought was a sure winner only to have it falter in the home stretch. Why the failure in that she lost a good majority for a hung parliament? 
She ran a presidential style campaign and was advised by a small inner circle. The style was not well received. I watched the last Conservative party election TV broadcast and it was all by and about May. Corbyn had a better personal appeal to voters. She was slated for failure to debate face to face with other leaders. I do not blame her but it cost her bad publicity. 
She called the election to have a better hand in negotiating Brexit but the manifesto diverted her from this. Critics fastened on unpopular manifesto items which her advisors had promoted and she never really got back to Brexit. Among the unpopular items were a means test restricting a £100 winter fuel payment to poorer pensioners. Personally I have no objection unless it cost more to means test than revenue saved. But it was fastened on as was removing the triple lock on old age pensions. Again I was not bothered though I am a pensioner, but the media fixed on this. Finally social care for the elderly.This was labelled as a dementia tax. It was not . It would mean that people whose family did not provide for their care would have care then taken from thier estate after death up to a floor of £100,000 remaining as inheritance. I think this reasonable but others did not. 
By contrast Corbyn had a magic money tree with free gifts for all. I will not list them but he came across as Santa, May as the wicked witch.
    I was saddened by the result especially when a personal friend and at least one good evangelical lost their seats. I was only gratified by Mrs Krankie's SNP having a big set back, enough to banish any realistic prospect of a second independence referendum. 
SO SHE GOES TO GOVERN WITH THE HELP OF THE DUP FROM NORTHERN IRELAND. I THINK THIS IS RIGHT. RESIGNING AS PM NOW WOULD BE FOLLY. I REJECT THE TWO MAIN CRITICISMS OF THE DUP. FIRST THAT THEY ARE SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE REJECTING THE LGBT agenda and abortion. Good for them. Secondly working with the will alienate Sinn Fein the republican party in Northern Ireland and jeopordise the peace process. SF are no real democrats. They refuse to take their seats as Westminster. May owes them nothing.
    I pray she can succeed as PM and not have to resign with a subsequent new election. The crowing Corbyn who now behaves like he won not lost last week would probably win and that would be an unmitigated disaster, a return to discredited socialism. 
    My comfort is that I do not put my trust in princes. BTW, I am not a Conservative though I voted that way. I am a true conservative believing the party of that name has lost its conservatism, particularly over sexual ethics.

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