Thursday, June 08, 2017

Why I am voting Conservative today.

First of all I am no longer a party member. I used to be until the Conservatives abandoned the family for so called gay rights. I was a Conservative Ealing councillor for eight years but after I lost my seat they chose a serial adulterer as mayoral candidate in London and I resigned. They usually still got my vote except in EU elections where I was UKIP. Then Cameron went for same sex "marriage" and I refused to vote Conservative at the last election. I went UKIP. Now I am back to Conservative. Why? Our sitting MP ever since the Nulabour revolution has been Stephenl Pound. He is a personal friend. An upright RC who votes the Christian way on all moral sexual issues. But he is Labour so he knows he will never get my vote unless the Conservative candidate fails to answer my questions in the way I want. But she came out tops. She opposes abortion after 20 weeks, thinks examination of church youth work for extremism is folly as is a testing of public sector workers for allegiance to British values. The Conservative party is likely to give us a hard Brexit, defend the realm and manage the economy. I do not trust Labour on any of these. May has been rightly criticised for a too presidential campaign but Corbyn's record is not credible. Far left supporters of terrorists will never get my vote nor a high tax party. As to protecting the NHS, it is a bottomless pit but not a poor service in my experience. I do not oppose outsourcing of provisions otherwise dubbed privatisation. May has been criticised for loss of winter fuel allowance. I would only oppose this it it cost more to means test than the cost of likely saving. She is criticised on social care for the elderly. On that my first observation is that in a United Kingdom all should be treated the same, not some Scot free. Then if family will not provide for the elderly then their capital above £100,000 going to pay for government provided care seems reasonable to me if the money is taken from the estate after death. So Conservative is for me the lesser of the two possible evils who will form the next government. I pray for a good increased May majority as being in the country's best interest. May God protect us from a hung parliament or God forbid, Corbyn. I willl stay up as usual to hear the results. My prediction is a slightly increased May majority, Farron to resign and give better personal Christian testimony and civil war in the Labour party. Now off to vote as soon as polls open.

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