Wednesday, November 04, 2015

USA holiday 13

Sunday 1st November we went to Hampton Presbyterian (PCUSA) near Alison Park, the Pittsburg suburb where the Larsons live. Elliott taught a good adult Sunday School on the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. The building is modern and they have three morning services. Ours was the last one, traditional format, good liturgy, robed choir and pastor as was hid female assistant. Sermon was expository on God always with us. Communion was a little strange. H broke a loaf of bread before us but the plate passed had small squares of shortbread then what I call thimbles of grape juice. No coffee after but we went into the city to an unusual fish eaterie which mainly sold wet fish. Then we went up the Duquesne incline, a funicular railway cliff lift. It took us up the Washington Heights overlooking the city with its three rivers and many bridges. A football game was in progress at Heinz Field. We could see part of the crowd and hear them too. This was originally the site of a French Fort in the mid 18th century. The local indians were their allies but we defeated them and named the settlement below after the British premier, Pitt the Elder.

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