Friday, November 20, 2015

Books read in November 2015

For the summer months there have been no reviews. I had though not stopped reading. I had turned mainly to reading light fiction and being generally rather less than active But after a most refreshing fortnight in the U.S. I am thankfully in better form.

1.  Travel through Wales  – by John Aaron (Author), Gwyn Davies (Author), Brian Edwards (Editor)

I have read and own a number of these Day One guides. They are more than well illustrated travel guides. They give the reader lots of church history. This volume on Wales is no exception. Famous name from church history in Wales are here together with the more obscure. As usual in the series there are fine illustrations. This is a book to encourage some tours round the principality to see the setting of the history . There is though one sad note struck but the information that such and such a chapel or church building has now been put to secular use. True spirituality has declined with time. Finally there is a helpful glossary concerning Welsh place names and one can learn about the denomination which is native to Wales, Calvinistic Methodism.

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