Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blessed are those when men block them on Facebook

I have AFAIK just been blocked for the fourth time by a Facebook 'friend'. Interestingly none of these blockers know me in the real world, only the virtual. Two are men from the USA, two in Scotland. The first was a pastor in Las Vegas who did not like my critique of gambling as a sinful recreation. Next was a German, living in Scotland who differed from my views on many things like the Allied bombing in WW2 and the right of EU foreigners to vote in the Scottish referendum. Next I had a Scottish journalist who disliked my comments on the late I R K Paisley. He unfriended me despite me giving a favourable review of a book he had authored. Lastly today a liberal pastor in USA did not like me asking him to define fundamentalist which seemed to be his favoured pejorative word. In the past I have held elected office in local government. The contrast between personal relationships in the political sphere, civil and friendly, contrasts greatly with the sphere of church and relations between christians. Why cannot Christians who differ remain civil and friendly? Finally I should say that I have deduced the reasons I was blocked. It is unlikely that any of these four men will read this but if they do, I am open to correction if they believe I have misrepresented their views here. Others may have blocked me but these four are the ones known to me.

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