Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tandoori Chicken - my signature dish

This is a favourite for church pot luck dinners and family meals. I have made it for many years and have reverted to following my late mother's  culinary ways. Ingredients were not measured. She knew what to put in by experience. Here goes.

Take a packet of frozen chicken, defrost, skin and score each pice twice each side.

Prepare the marinade. To a large pot of yoghurt add two heaped tablespoons of tandoori spice and two tablespoons of vinegar and lemon juice. For a hotter dish add a teaspoonful of chilli powder, or more if you like it very hot hot.  Mix then mix in the chicken. Marinade for four hours or overnight. Cover and cook in a medium oven for 90 minutes.

Take out the chicken and grill it, turning when well browned. Use the marinade poured onto the chicken to moisten it and keep the marinade warm. Serve the pieces separate from the marinade which serves as a sauce.

Eat with rice, naan, poppadums. We have coleslaw for a vegetable but one can use any veg, curried or not. For church I double the amounts.


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