Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The irony of IS attacking Paris

In the West we have a concept of religion and state which is not found in Muslim thought. Islam they will say is not a religion, something about private belief. It is a comprehensive philosophy of life where the religious and the political are in no way separate. The islamic garment is a seamless robe. So, France is to IS a part of the western crusader enemy. Western and Christian are synonyms in IS thinking. So here is the irony. France is perhaps the most secular, least Christian country in the public square in the whole of Europe. Its revolution was not only against the monarchical, aristocratic regime, but also fiercely anti-clerical. So this most secular of states is the prime target for IS which sees it as a crusader regime. Also it would appear that those who think that abolishing all religion would lead to a better world have no comprehension that Islam is not a mere religion.

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