Sunday, November 20, 2011


In my profession I have over the years come across several men who were wanting to or had changed sex. The first was a troubled individual with mental health problems living in a fairly small community. 'She' had not had an easy life. The next was a most unconvincing would be female, male in demeanour, and a customer for home brewing supplies. Next was a good friend who first of all told me of a besetting temptation to cross dressing. Later he said this was not the whole truth, he was transexual. I reasoned with him that biology was destiny. If you had the male chromosomes the matter was closed to my mind. He persisted. It cost him wife and family, then after many years of struggle, he believes the Lord completely healed him. In none of these cases did the men become what I would call desirable females.
Now in a few months I have heard of three females who have gone to males where I work. The first I found when the name changed from female to male. The second I thought a very pleasant young man with a script for hormone injection. This is not necessarily indicative of a sex change but that is his case. I am somewhat perplexed discovering this apparent sudden flurry of transgendering in the different direction.



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