Saturday, November 26, 2011

England Bears the Brunt of Immigration

93% of immigrants to the UK live in England. That is the conclusion of research by Migration Watch UK. Of the 7.1 million foreign born people living in the UK, 6.6 million live in England.

As for the latest projections for population growth, 86% is expected to occur in England. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:

"The immigration lobby like to talk about the UK, obscuring the fact that England is six times as crowded as Scotland. Since the vast majority of immigrants come to England, it is England's place in the league table that counts. Leaving aside city states and small islands, England lies sixth among the most crowded countries in the world. As people sit in traffic jams or squeeze onto their morning trains it will be clearly ridiculous to claim that their eyes are deceiving them and there is not a problem simply because places like the Maldives or Mayotte have higher population densities than England".

This news is even more worrying due to the recent revelations that the UK population will reach 86 million by 2056. As England takes 93% of these immigrants, the impact on services, infrastructure, health care and education will be compounded for the long suffering English.

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

"ONS data confirms the shocking fact that the UK population is projected to hit 80 million by 2056, overtaking Germany in the process – despite having far less space – to become the most populous nation in the EU. We must get net migration down to below 40,000 to stabilise our population below 70 million. Anyone who suggests that net migration of 150,000 will do has simply not looked at the facts."

The English Democrats say mass immigration must stop now. The English Democrats support whatever measures are necessary to bring mass immigration to a complete end. Such measures should include:

• Thorough border controls with all inward and outward movements through ports being logged to provide the best quality information on migration movements.

• Stronger visa requirements for countries with a reputation for illegal movements.

• The deportation of all illegal immigrants. There should be no amnesties. Illegality should not be rewarded by the granting of citizenship. Nor should organised crime rackets be allowed to profit from people smuggling. Discovered illegal immigrants should be offered the choice between cooperatively returning straight home, or being sent to a distant offshore holding centre during the processing of their repatriation case.

• The repeal of the Human Rights Act and the withdrawal of the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights. Both of these flawed items of legislation have perversely assisted criminals while offering little of substance to the law-abiding population.

• Punitive fining and possible withdrawal of trading rights of companies, company directors and other employers who employ illegal immigrants.

• The deportation of all those immigrants who have been convicted of a criminal offence or who are advocates of, or active supporters of, extremist behaviour of a violent, separatist or destabilising nature.

• The strengthening of the customs and immigration services and the vigorous enforcement of the law. The English Democrats recognise that successive Labour and Tory governments have handed over control of immigration to the EU to such an extent that it is impossible to regain proper control of immigration without leaving the EU. The English Democrats firmly support withdrawal from the EU, subject to referendum approval, and will campaign forcefully to that end. Once the UK has left the EU full border controls can be restored.

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