Monday, November 07, 2011

Blame culture

BBC says,'Avon and Somerset Police Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham said his focus was the Friday night event and people who had attended the fireworks display would be interviewed by officers.

"Our main line of inquiry has now moved towards the event that was on the side of the carriageway," he said.

"We do believe that whilst there was fog and difficult conditions in the area, that actually from witness evidence there was very significant smoke across the carriageway that in effect caused a bank, similar to a fog bank, which was very distracting and very difficult to drive through.

"We will be doing everything we can to find out as quickly as we're able to what's behind that."

He added: "Accountability is clearly something we will look at when you've had an incident such as this."

M5 crash scenePolice said all vehicles had been removed from the site

Mr Bangham said the major crime teams and collision investigators from the road policing unit were working on the investigation.

"If there's going to be a joint investigation then it is a crime investigation as well as a road policing investigation," he said.

Mr Bangham said the investigation would look at how the fireworks event was organised, what permission was given for it and what was and was not meant to be happening.'

It is news to me that you need permission to let off fireworks or to organise an event with them. I never did for our church. I fail to see how those letting off fireworks can be held accountable for where the smoke blows. Fog 'distracting and very difficult to drive through'? What does fog distract from? It makes you pay attention to your driving. 'Difficult to drive through' - not really if your speed is appropriate and the road clear. What seems to be the case is that the weather was such that smoke did not disperse. Driving at 70mph plus, hitting a wall of fog, collisions resulted. Tragic but accidental IMO. I feel sorry for families concerned and for the rugby club people too.



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