Thursday, November 03, 2011

The 11th Mac

Deb has a sick G5 20". The Apple store declared it vintage at over five years old so there are no parts for repair. Planned obsolescence is one way computer firms make money. So Deb shelled out for a new Imac 21.5". With the insurance replacing her stolen Ibook she has had two grands worth of new Macs in 10 days. This one is the 11th Mac in our house. Eight of them have been for Deb. I think the prices being paid have come down a little while the performance has of course rocketed and they stay years ahead of Windows.

The Apple Store is something else. A queue of about twenty young people outside waiting doe Iphones. Staff total over 100 at a one to one customer ratio it seems. Our salesman was knowledgeable, efficient and not at all pushy. Full marks.

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