Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nudity -

A flying saucer results when a nudist spills his coffee.

This was not the crux of the problem presented by Mrs. Crundale.The crux was simply that she had designed costumes for Ariel, all the goddesses and the Nymphs which required that their bosomsbe bare, not partly or fleetingly bare, but completely and indeed aggressively....
Mrs Crundale's position was clear, and had been clear for years. She was an Artist, and to her the human body was simply a Mass, with a variety of Planes.... Nobody connected with the Little Theatre quite liked to explain to Mrs Crundale that the breasts of several well-known young ladies of Salterton, though undoubtedly Planes, had other connotations, and could not fittingly be unveiled at a public performance. But Valentine did so.
"These dresses will look charming then they are standing still, Mrs. Crundale," said she, "but when the girls dance your line will be completely spoiled. I suggest that you revise these slightly. giving some concealment for a strapless brassiere underneath."
And Mrs Crundale, who had really only wanted to make the point that the human body was nothing to her but an arrangement of planes, agreed without a murmur.
Robertson Davies, _Tempest-Tost_

The Princess Borghese, Bonaparte's sister, who was no saint, sat to [the artist Antonio]Canova as a reclining Venus, and being asked if she did not feel a little uncomfortable, replied, "No. There was a fire in the room." - William Hazlitt, 1778 - 1830

Nudity is like grapefruit. There is more to it than meets the eye.- GJW

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