Thursday, February 14, 2008

BBC bias

The CPA campaign with the Christian Party is underway in London following last Tuesday's launch. It was widely promoted in advance to the media, especially to the BBC in London who knew all about the launch. The CPA-CP campaign knows the battle ahead will be hard, but we are confident that our message resonates with very many people in London. But we have to get our message out!

However, it seems that a decision has been taken by the BBC to blank any mention of the Christian Choice Alan Craig for Mayor. The BBC under its Royal Charter is meant to be fair and impartial.

No-one from the numerous journalists working for BBC Politics bothered to attend the launch, nor take a photo, nor mention it on London evening television news or on London radio. There has been no mention whatsoever of Alan Craig's launch on BBC websites, such London Elections 2008. On all the BBC web mentions of the London Assembly and Mayoral campaign 2008, such as BBC London, the BNP is promoted and so are UKIP plus the Greens and the big three, but not Alan Craig! The other candidates have web links, but none is given to Alan. There is one place where Alan is listed as a candidate - towards the bottom of all the others, even though CPA did well in 2000 and 2004. All the others have biographies, but not Alan.

In 2000, the CPA came ahead of the Greens, the BNP, UKIP and all other minor party candidates. Though in 2004 we slipped behind, this is no excuse not to cover or mention the Christian campaign this time. Over 2 elections, the CPA demonstrated significant support, qualifying for an election broadcast. The BBC has no excuse.

This is primarily a spiritual, not a political issue, as the heart of the BBC is hardened against the Gospel and against Christians in general. So please pray that God would open media doors for our message and that God would give Alan Craig and Paula Warren boldness to speak plainly how a Christian vision for London can transform our city.

But take practical action NOW.

Be polite but firm saying fair coverage is needed and that 100,000 people gave a vote in 2000 and 2004 to the Christian option and so why is the BBC ignoring them?

Call the BBC Duty Officer on 020 8743 8000

Or send an email to the top editors asking what they will do to ensure fair coverage, given they totally ignored the launch.

Email: the BBC Chief Political Adviser. Copy your email to Head of Political Programmes, Analysis and Research and also to

It is important to act now, because if they can't cover a launch event, then they will ignore the Christian Choice from now on all the way to the election.

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