Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taking God's Name in Vain

Jesus Christ! God ! It is as expletives one most commonly hears of God in common speech. I think we need a campaign in favour of the third commandment.

What is the word most detested today? Not the F word or the C word but the N word. I wonder when there will be a reissue of The Dam Busters with a new name for Gibson's black dog? Once upon a time, nigger meant black. IIRC in my youth there was a colour called nigger black. Of course we were all wicked racists then. We even had golliwogs on our jam and wore them as badges. I still have one I dare not wear. In 50 years a word has been cast into outer darkness and reprobated. I am not calling for its re-instatement. Some words have gone in other directions. I never use the word gay except to describe my own light hearted character. I'm a bit queer like that.

What I want is to start the C3istas, militant advocates of the third commandment. When people misuse the name of God we should speak out, take action. Why should we suffer in silence? Muslims don't. Try bandying Mo's name about in an irreverent way and see what happens. It is significant they may take Allah's name in vain but not Mo's. Perhaps one should revert to the use of Mohammedan, but I really must curb my provocative instincts. I will stick to being the founder C3ista. I ask for tactical advice and a good logo.

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Graham Weeks said...

Mimi mailed me these musings which I found helpful ans amusing/

> As a child in Texas, soon after I learned to read, I
> saw two water fountains at the grocery store
> labelled "white" and "colored." I knew what white
> water was. I drank it all the time. But my
> imagination sparkled at the the thought of pink
> water. I asked my mother what color water they had,
> and she drew me close to her, sh-h-h-ing me. She had
> this way of emotionally drawing me under her skirts
> when I broached uncomfortable subjects.
> Ten years ago at basketball game, the man in front
> of me used "Jesus Christ" in every setence. I gently
> tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I see you know
> Jesus too. He is my good friend." The man stopped. I
> am not normally this bold, but something came over
> me. We had been at our church ony a short time, and
> were sitting with members whose son was on the ball
> team. They never mentioned it to me, but I think
> they were uncomfortable.