Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Being green

I am not a worrier about global warming. If there is a majority position on any given issue, I, having a reactionary nature, will naturally oppose it. That does not explain all my rationale in jumping off the global warming band waggon. I know too much history not to be aware that climate cycles happen. The planet warms up a bit, cools down a bit. it happens. Why worry? Worry because it is due to CO2 emissions? I might: except for the melting icecaps I hear about on Mars where there are no human emissions.

We recycle just about everything. I drive as economically as possible but It is for economic not ecological reasons. Twelve years as a not very well off missionary, also being raised in a manual worker's home, taught me frugality. That affects my consumption; not global warming.

Finally, (and you can call this one selfish, I do not care), now that I have the money to travel I am not going to stay at home because of the views of other people about carbon footprints.

When we were kids folk worried about the bomb. It never happened. Today the worry is global warming. Relax, kids; it won't kill you. You would be better off preventing preventable diseases, especially venereal ones. Now there is a threat to life. The safe sex message is a linguistic and factual mistake It advocates something that is not safe. Chastity before, and fidelity within marriage, these alone mean safe sex. Self-control is needed: self-regulation not government intervention..

I must find the cartoon I had of a boy asking his grandfather what his generation had worn for safe sex. "A wedding ring", was the old man's reply.

I will teach my grandchildren this, not green garbage. I want them to sort out the trash, I do: the intellectual as well as the the stuff in the bins.

Green taxes are real trash. Merely another way of socialist, statist, big government shoving its hand into my pocket again. ENOUGH!

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