Saturday, November 10, 2007

California 2007 (3)

On Wednesday 7 November we drove from Grass Valley to
Yosemite, a four hour 200 mile trip. Julie is with us
but Dennis is working. We are staying in Mariposa, an
old Gold Rush town an hour from Yosemute (for reasons
of economy). We went up Yosemite Valley yesterday and
will return today. But the Miners Inn here has no
internet access it seems so this news will be late
reaching you. Yosemite is awesome with El Capitan at
4500 feet of rock face, the biggest on earth. We go
back up the valley this morning and will take a tour
of the sights. Sadly drought means there will be
little to see of the waterfalls. It was up to 70 F
yesterday. This is Gold Rush 1849 country still.
So I have renamed the sat nav, Clementine as she is local and does not get us !'lost and gone forever'.

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