Saturday, November 10, 2007

California 2007 (2)

Grass Valley 7 Nov 2007
Yesterday was beautifully warm and sunny, perfect for
tourism as it is out of season.

After a great breakfast we set of to see our host's
married daughter Abigail and husband Steve in Caloma,
a nearby town. En route we stopped to snap the highest
bridge in the country which looks like an inverted
coat hanger having one central tall pillar. The we
stopped at the Gold Mining Museum at Sutter Creek
where the Gold Rush started in 1849. We merely looked
at the outdoor exhibits for free. Sadly I could not
see any of the yellow stuff to take home.

We all lunched in Placerville (pronounced
Plasserville) on the veranda of a 49er era building
then leaving the younger generation went through a
pass, (one pioneered by Kit Carson on the Santa Fe
trail?) to Lake Tahoe (6000ft?) where the views were
stunning as sunset came. The reflections were perfect
in still water. We had a Starbucks then came home via
the Donner Pass, scene of a waggon train tragedy.

Denis drove out hire car all day so I could jump out
and photograph easily. He also gave me my new Mac
laptop which arrived some days ago. It is great though
I am slow to learn all the new bells and whistles.

Today it is off to Yosemite, a four hour drive at
least and an overnight stay.

We have already been invited back here in July for a
family wedding!

I have named the sat nav, Stupid, but, getting to know
here better has improved the relationship and so I
have now renamed her, Not So Stupid, realising that
part of my problem with her on Monday night was my
inexperience with her character, Whereas I complained
then of her paucity of verbal instruction I am now
happier to be guided by that rare bird, a woman of few
words. I also better understand her maps.

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