Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prince William splits from Kate

I am sorry to hear of the split. They are old enough to marry and she AFAIK has one of the requirements which promote stable marriage. She is the product of one unlike some recent additions to the Royal Family. Stable marries are more likely to produce stable marriages.

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Blogger David Sky said...

Thanks for your comments regarding my post on emergent at Exiled Preacher. I'll keep an eye on your blog & link up if I like what I see.

9:48 pm  
Blogger mimi said...

As an American I don't really understand the monarchy, but think if I did I would more easily grasp reverence for God.

4:59 am  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

I believe that a republican system for the state best accords with how church government is portrayed in the Scripture. Though monarchy was not God's will for Israel, he allowed it and was pleased to reveal himself as the Great King. I am proud of the British constitutional monarchy and regard myself only as a subject of her majesty, not a citizen of the monstrous superstate E.U., where the Queen too is a mere citizen. The modern world though wants to defer to neither man nor God. We are all to be egalitarians now. Monarchy is indeed a picture of how it is for God to rule and us to submit, simply because of who is King.

8:20 am  

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