Friday, April 20, 2007

Liar Blair

'No UK referendum' on EU changes

Mr Blair and the Dutch PM agree no new constitution is needed
The UK prime minister does not intend to hold a referendum on the rules that govern the way in which the EU operates, Downing Street has confirmed.
Tony Blair had promised a referendum on a new EU constitution, but the British government and the Netherlands are now pushing for a less ambitious treaty.

There was no tradition of holding votes on treaties, said the PM.

The Netherlands followed France in voting against a draft constitution in 2005, plunging the EU into crisis.

Mr Blair told the Financial Times his likely successor, Chancellor Gordon Brown, agreed with his view.

So reports the BBC. Blair will be remembered as a man who does not keep his word. So much for him being the most Christian prime minister since Gladstone. By their fruits you will know them. Campbell had it right when he said they did not do God.

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