Friday, April 13, 2007

Conservatives Delete Marriage

In the week in which a statistical snapshot of Britain is showing that
children are increasingly likely to live in one-parent families,
Conservatives are running for the Scottish Parliament and National
Assembly of Wales on manifestos which have deleted any mention of the
importance of marriage. Neither the Scottish nor Welsh Conservative
campaign documents either mention marriage or offer any proposal to
back couples who make this important social commitment.- CPA press release

Commenting, the Leader of CPA Scotland, Teresa Smith, said:

"This is the first major electoral test for David Cameron since he became
Conservative leader. He has made a few noises recognising the social
significance of marriage, but when it has come to deliver policies to the
Scottish people, his party has failed abjectly. All the Scots Tories offer is
a pledge to "stand up for families of every type and background" (Scottish
Conservative Manifesto 2007: Standing up for Families) which sounds to me
like more of the political correctness that's done so much damage already
to Scotland's social fabric."

Adding his views, Anthony Jeremy, CPA Cymru National Spokesman said:

"Officials responsible for the Social Trends survey have singled out the
growth in numbers of children brought up in single parent families, so
that now almost a quarter of all children - 24 per cent - are brought up
by a lone mother or father. More than four out of ten children are born
outside marriage. This simply must be addressed by politicians of all
parties. Our government has done nothing to back marriage, which all the
evidence tells us is the best place for children to be raised. Now the
official opposition are following in Labour's footsteps."

The policies of the Christian Peoples Alliance make backing marriage a
foremost pledge. They address the issues outlined in the Social Trends
report - the annual snapshot of national life. This shows that the family
ties that once bound people together are becoming increasingly fragmented.
Nearly a quarter of children live in one-parent families, nearly a third
of the population lives alone, and 43 per cent of babies are born outside
marriage. Family break-up and the increase in the number of older people
mean that 29 per cent of all households are made up of one person living

As Abraham Kuyper explained over 100 years ago, the difference between a
consevative and a liberal is 10 years.

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