Sunday, April 01, 2007

April fool

Spaghetti Harvest is indeed the most famous.

Premier Radio this morning told of a Belfast paper with a picture of a couple with draught beer on tap in their kitchen, piped through their old gas pipe. A number was given for instalation and over a thousand requests were received by the paper.

The best I saw was a prgramme IIRC on Channel 4 and not on April 1. It was before the break up of the USSR and told of top secret co-operation between the USSR and USA to plant a colony on the moon because life on earth was doomed. It was an hour long programe and the only clue to it being a spoof was the date shown at the end of the programme, saying it was made on April 1 that year.

Lastly, my friend Dr RB who was doing a diploma in tropical hygeine and medicine. A rather snooty senior technician got up my friend's nose so on April 1st he took a sample of rat blood infected with sleeping sickness and labelled it as from a Mr Mofulu(think about it)recently arrived from Africa and gave it to the technician for investigation. The technician was really pleased to find a case of real sleeping sickness so he showed it to the registrar who too was impressed. Likewise the consultant to whom the registrar showed the sample. But when the consultant showed the professor, he said it looked rather like rat's blood to him. The result was the consultant asking my friend if it would be a good joke to leave his name off those who would be receiving their tropical medicine diplomas.



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