Saturday, December 30, 2006

The British government does not speak for me

"I welcome the fact that Saddam Hussein has been tried by an Iraqi court for at least some of the appalling crimes he committed against the Iraqi people. He has now been held to account.
"The British government does not support the use of the death penalty, in Iraq or anywhere else. We advocate an end to the death penalty worldwide, regardless of the individual or the crime.
"We have made our position very clear to the Iraqi authorities, but we respect their decision as that of a sovereign nation."

So says our foreign secretary, speaking for British government not the British people who have always when polled shown a large majority in favour of the death penalty for murder.

The world is a better place for the death of a tyrant. Pray for the peace of Iraq.

Incidentally, repudiation of the death penalty is a condition of E.U. membership. Another reason for us to exit the E.U..

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