Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enjoyment in toil

My first calling was to pharmacy. I find it boring, lacking intellectual stimulation and controlled by a statist, paternalistic, bureaucratic establishment.So I need to find enjoyment in this toil. At 60 I probably do not have too long to do this but I have no big pension fund and not toiling is not good for mental health. I have had two other callings. First there is teaching the faith and pastoral care. My refusal to conform to British academic assesment of theology ruled me out of academic work, my cyclothymic personality led to self-disqualification from the second. Finally I enjoyed politics but I failed to get beyond the local borough into national politics and even locally I lost at my third election then fell out with my former party. Pharmacy has fed the family but I have little respect for the profession. It is not only a conspiracy against the laity but also against newcomers . Like all of life it is now inundated with petty regulation and paperwork.

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