Monday, December 25, 2006

Books read in Decenmber 2006 (7)

1. The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

Delightful to read to one's granddaughters.

2. Oh,The Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss

Teaches children that life has ups and downs so perseverance is needed.

3. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. - Dr. Seuss

The rhymes and potential for teaching reading skills to children make these books a delight. But on Christmas afternoon a surfeit of feasting meant I fell asleep while reading this aloud to Bethany.

4. The Footsteps of God: Christian Biographies by John Legg

Simply the best book on church history I have read if one considers the needs of the ordinary Christian. From the early martyrs through to Spurgeon, John Legg writes biographies that inform the mind and move the heart. I cannot recommend this book too highly. It is full of great quotes from great men and women. Finally the truths taught from history are applied to today. I have heard the author preach many times. He is an excellent expositor. here he proves an excellent writer, biographer and historian.

5. Goldilocks and the Three Bears First Reader

Great with your granddaughter when Grandma has also provided finger puppets for all four characters.

6. Scrambled Eggs Super - Dr. Seuss

This is a higher lever of reading than the above books by Seuss. Great fun even when I was tired enough to be falling asleep reading it before the girls' bedtime.

7. Tiny's Big Wish

Tiny is a baby elephant who wants to be big like mother and all the other elephants. I think the messge of the book for the child reader is that they too will be grown up one day.

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