Thursday, September 20, 2018

The changing world (162) Nov-Dec 1990

Nov 1st Social services committee.
6th         Education committee
7th         Oldfield governors
11th       Robed for the Remembrance Day service at Greenford War Memorial. Evening at the British Legion there.
12th       Conservative group
13th       Bob Hetherington Conservative whip's funeral. He died driving home from the town hall. Melbourne governors.
16th        Ward surgery.
18th         Civic service at the Polish church. Great catering.
19th         Church meeting for members
20th         Schools committee
22nd        SACRE
23rd         Went to Dream of Gerontius.
25th          Heigler family from Texas to lunch.
26th         Group meeting.
27th         Full council
Dec 2nd   Went on Wesley's London walk from Museum of London.
4th            Walford governors
5th            Lunch at Glaxo
7-8th        IPC synod
13th         Social Services. Katy's term ends
14th         Debbie's term ends
15th         John with us
17th         Relate - the most boring of duties as I do not agree with non-directive counselling
18th         Education committee
19th         Twyford term ends
21st         Ward surgery
22nd        Church carol service
25th         Dr Chang-Lin Hand came to stay, our first HOST student. A post doctoral researched at University College we gave hi a Chinese Bible but he preferred Debbies cartoon Bible in her bedroom where he stayed. I went through Genesis with him and encouraged him to go to the Chinese church. He was the only student we know of who came to Christ via staying with us.
26th         Eric Larson now at West Point to dinner. Also a Japanese and a Korean student.
27th         Messiah at Royal Albert Hall
29th         With Deb to civic performance at Questors theatre.

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