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The changing world (156) Mar 1990

Mar 1st Wendy Barber to dinner. Mark Krietzer from SA visiting again.
2nd        David back from Exmoor with school. Jonathan completes his first week at Gateway.
3rd         Went with Trevor Wells to see Leeds at Watford. Surprised to find it all ticket but we managed to buy some outside and got in. But we were robbed at 1-0.
4th          I led for Elliott on Mark 8. Jonathan looking for a car to buy.
5th          Church meeting approved commissioning an architect to look at building extensions (Nothing came of it but a new building is to be opened in October 2018 DV).
6th          Interviewed an English assistant. Walford High governors meeting.
7th          Discussing baptism with Larry and Elliot at church. Conservative Group at the Town Hall. Not a very well organised meeting.I am a candidate for Costons ward and expect to win it but the tide nationally is against us taking back control of the council in May.
8th           Purse thief caught at work and arrested. Noisy full council meeting setting the Community Charge for the year. Labour hate the poll tax as it is called. No-one likes a tax that everyone has to pay. I support it. Its downfall was that it was uneconomic to collect from the poorer residents who only had to pay 10% of what the rest of us paid.
11th         My last Sunday leading for Elliot preaching.
12th         To Twyford PTA on sex education. Work started on our alteration of garage to second reception room.
13th         Cashier supervisor admits to theft at work. Security secretly filmed her through the wall between the pharmacy store and her cashier's office. She had been accusing checkout workers of theft. Prayer meeting.
14th         Men's prayer breakfast. Lecturing on Islam in Africa at WEC Bulstrode. In a minority of one at Alperton High governors. I wanted the striking teachers rebuked.
15th         Katy at Twyford parents evening. Pleased Rachel has  a good report. Builder working on patio roof.
16th         Costons Conservatives meeting and meal with MP harry Greenway.
17th         Took Rachel to music. Delivered In Touch fliers to the ward and got a blister. Watched Scotland beat us in grand slam decider. Michelsens to dinner. Alfredo is now a Latin rite RC.
18th          Raju led for me on transfiguration.Joan, former exclusive brethren to lunch. She fortuitously bought a violin bow that was very valuable.
19th           New assistant, Karen, started. Jonathan passed bus driving medical.
20th           Melbourne School governors. I found Mrs Malhotra the head could be difficult but living in the next road she was very hospitable with her husband's whisky. Denise Bells case against the RE syllabus was heard.
21st           Forms signed for my nomination as a candidate in the council election in may. By coach to Newcastle to hear Brian Griffiths, adviser to Mrs thatcher, at the opening of the Christian Institute. Hospitality from evangelical vicar in a very rough council estate in Gateshead.
22nd          Overnight coach back to Victoria by 4:30 am and a wait for the first tube at 5:30. Home 6:30 then to work. No assistant. very, very tired. Jonathan has a bus driving job offer.
23rd           Late to session meeting. Discussed raj's plans to leave being consultant neurologist and return home to India as a missionary.Took Rachel to EJMS and later at their concert. Jonathan bought a Honda Accord which runs well.
25th            Procters to lunch. They generously helped us buying this house. We were at All Nations together and later in different IPC congregations.
26th             Local election campaign started.
27th             John Tuttlebee, another AMMC contemporary with us all day on leave from his work of mission in Ireland.
28th             My last day working at church with Larry.
29th             Still no full time help at work. Larry witnessed a rape on the tube.
30th             Rachel having trouble with her paper round.
31st             A very funny farce, Noises Off, at Twyford.

Jonathan was not taken on to drive buses. The instructor gave him an order he could not obey to drive the wrong way down a one way street. It was a no win situation. Most unfair. Break the law of disobey the instructor. he disobeyed and should have been commended not rejected.

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