Monday, September 17, 2018

The changing world (160) Jul 1990

Jul 1st Bob Heppe's New Life team took morning service Lunch at Majiyabe's in town. Watching World Cup later.
2nd      Found Assistant SS director is a Christian.
3rd       Education committee rather a mess. Tony Young is chairman.
4th       Wet and cold school visit to Chessington World of Adventures.
5th       Hoard Bilton of Co-op pharmacies to dinner but he has no jobs on offer locally.
6th       Worked in Brentford covering for their sick pharmacist.
7th       Conservative dinner addressed by Lord Mackay the Lord Chancellor. Surprised he purchased raffle tickets which I eschew.
8th       Good preacher from New Life. pot luck lunch.
10th       Boring Conservative group until 11.15pm.
11th     Oldfield Primary annual meeting for parents.
13th      John Majiyagbe with us en route to Nigeria.
15th      Hot and humid. Katy not to church in the morning as the building work means the house is not secure.
18th      Elders planning day at Martins near Oxford.
19th      Education committee.
20th      Ward surgery. Few come and those are moaners. I gave up doing them after a few months.
23rd      Group meeting.
24th       Full council meeting. Guillotine comes down on debate after 11pm. No more debate only votes on motions then a drink with the mayor.
25th       Three hours with the director of Social Services.
27th        Town planning briefing.
Diary sparse. A sign of depression.

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