Saturday, September 01, 2018

Diary w/e 1 Sep 2018

Sun 26 Aug

One daughter not with us at IPC due to sore throat and loss of voice. I cooked lamb chops and she could not eat them. Chris Roberts on Mal 2 again. I took a new speaker to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. David Jones, now a PCA missionary with our church has served twelve years in Ivory Coast and also in Turkey. His great gift is personal evangelism and he is most at home in public when addressing Africans. He was excellent on witness to Muslims last night, teaching Christians the exclusivity of Christ and how Islam gives men a book, we give them the warm embrace of God in Christ. I shall be taking him for three more talks on this subject.

Mon 27Aug

Bank holiday. Visited a new neighbour - a church family have moved into a nearby house. They are from Malawi so I could go and knock on the door and be welcomed. With Africans one can dispensed with the contemporary English need to ring before calling. Bought a new bed in Hayes.

tue 28 Aug

Gave my second talk at ELT on victory in Christ. Then my usual pastoral visit. Evening barbecue for an IPC member's 40th birthday.

Wed 29 Aug

Numbers rising at prayer meeting as the holidays end. 25 present including 4 elders and 4 deacons from 5 nations.

Th 30 Aug

After a most encouraging pastoral visit together with one of our deacons we are expecting a family of one adult with five children at our Sunday school's new term opening this Sunday.

Sat 1 Sep

 Excellent barbecue at Immanuel Church Brentford. Best salad selection ever. Long chat with an elderly German lady resident in England since the sixties. She said she had never experienced anti-German prejudice and in fact got her first job with the help of a German Jew whose family had fled Berlin under Hitler.  Warm today. Are we going to have an Indian Summer?

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