Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hospital diary 12 to 14 Mar 17 - and home!

Sunday 12th Mar 17 - 12th day in hospital

Today I was able to listen to two Paul Levy sermons via mp3 downloads so caught up on missed ministry. I had a record number of nine visitors, seven family and two church members, most encouraging. Son David and eldest grandson Zac came all the way from Canterbury. I will not forget the look on my other grandson's face when he saw me in bed. Puzzlement turned to smiles when I showed him how to switch the positioning of the bed. with a touch of a button. He and big sister Elissa took joy in recounting their Saturday at Legoland, Ethan's sixth birthday treat. Vicarious pleasure for me.

Monday 13 Mar 17 13th day in hospital

Discharge tomorrow confirmed. Still concerned not all is in place so have dome some phoning round. The time the transport will come is unspecified. At last I have a partial explanation of the non-appearance of the urology department. They say all that can be done is for me to have some exercises. So why did it take a junior surgeon to get that message to me and to print me out exercise sheets. When I go to their OPD it will be with a letter of complaint. They have also failed to supply a needed piece of equipment. But on the bright side Katy visitsd and two friends from church and I have the downloads of yesterday's sermons.

Feeling in better spirits at the prospect of home tomorrow. Cheered by the visit of my two daughters. Fell sleep watching Chelsea beat the wretched Red Devils. With half an eye on the football in the day room I had lengthy chats with two Muslim ladies, the first maily cultural but the second really got down to some besic beliefs, common and diverse. Being in hospital and dealing with her husband's chronic illness she said she derived comfort from he story of Job. I confess I do nt know the story of Ayub (Job) as per the Koran but I gave a fair comprehensive retelling of the biblical story. She seemed to take much comfort from the characer of God evidenced in the story. Not testing beyond human endurance. Conversation much better than the football.

Tuesday 14 Mar 17 - 14th day in hospital

I going hourly to the nurses' station asking if they have ordered me transport for home. I will persist as the portunate widow.

Very frustrated waiting for pharmacy to produce my medicines for home. I told them I only needed the one new drug as I had kept all my regular supply at home. But no, they have to hold me up over two hours.Next it will be waiting for transport. The words booze up and brewery come to mind.

Over two hours for pharmacy to dispense three items and then fail to send them to the ward. Inefficient incompetents! Now I am told the transport will be here in the hour. Seeing will be believing. This will now coincide with rush hour delays.

I am very happy to be home. It was nearly 6pm when the private ambulance brought me home. The most loquacious man I have ever encountered was driving, a true Essex man. But he was quick to answer the call unlike the wretched pharmacy which took over two hours to dispense three items and even then not bring them up to the ward. I had to get a nurse to chase the medicines. The most unprofessional,incompent pharmacy service I have ever experienced. But good to be back home and home cooking. My strength is on the increase and control of the previously uncontrolled seems to be improving too. But most encouraging of all, a fourth pastoral visit from Pastor Paul, fourth during my hospital treatment He tells me he has been invited to lecture on preaching at the Free Church College Edinburgh. He seems to take it lightly but I take it as a a sign that his homiletic gifts are recognised farther afield.

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