Sunday, March 05, 2017

Hospital diary 1 to 5 Mar 17

Wed 1st Mar 17
This morning had a stress echocardiogram at Northwick Park. Results awaited, I hope by 3pm, to confirm admission today and surgery tomorrow. If not .... ?? Yes Was admitted just after 4pm and had to wait two hours for a bed. Fasting after midnight for morning op.

Thurs 2nd Mar 17

Lying on trolley in room before anaesthesia I was cheered by the smiling face of a young Indian christian from our church   She is a theatre nurse in Ealing but doing audit here and she saw my name on the list.
On recovery ward after about 3 hours to remove colon caner. No pain so  far, 6 hours later. The anaesthetist says it is thanks to the drug Jacko used to self administer. Surgeon gave a very comrehensive report. All will be monitored.

Friday 3rd Mar 17

Second day in Northwick Park Recovery ward. Not quite as intensive as intensive care but two patients to one nurse. On this shift it is an Indian christian. Hopefully I will go back to ordinary ward tomorrow and out on Monday but providence will disate. Yesterday I felt so unwell that apart for morning Bible I read nothing. Bothered by fever. Much better today.

Saturday 4th Mar 17

A big THANK YOU to many of you who have sent good wishes and assured me of prayers. Continuing to make progress today but generally weak. But out of bed in easy chair.I will not be able to respond individually to you all but you lover and care is a big encouragement.
This aftrnon a long visit from Adrian, my ideal son in law. He had last night sent me a mobile wifi device so I do not have to rely on hospital wifi, free for only one hour a day. Adrian is in training to be an elder so I said today was pastoral visiting experience.

Katy and Rachel visiting.I am about tu be moved to the ward next door which I am told is quieter.
Now in quieter, smaller ward and much encouraged by a long transatlantic phone call from my best friend Elliott.

Sunday 5th Mar 17
I spent the night on the smaller, quieter surgical intensive recovery ward, In the good hands of the mainly Philippino nurses.
I am about to be transferred back to Frederick Salmon ward, named after the great Victorian surgeon who started what became this hospital. 

. It is the only hospital in the world to specialise entirely in intestinal and colorectal medicine and is a national and international referral centre for intestinal and colorectal disorders.

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