Thursday, January 07, 2010

How the world changed in the Past Decade. Part 5 - Technology and Science

When I was a child in the fifties I thought how the world had changed since my grandparents were young. The major revolution was in transportation, going from horses on the ground to jets in the air. How could the world change so much in my lifetime? The answer is in the technology of communication. When I was young there was not even a phone in the house. Now everyday life is interrupted by the noise of others on their mobiles. We had no TV. After we got one around 1959 there were no live broadcasts from other continents. I remember the first live broadcast from the US via the Goonhilly Down receiver. Now geostationary satellites inform my Sat Nav. Getting a GPS has been one of my advances this decade.

But the advance of the decade is broadband. I was on dial up 10 years ago. Now we are quicker. Skype is a new boon. New friends are now on Facebook.

In science the major debate is global warming. I write in the coldest time in England for 37 years. We are told this is weather not climate. Climate change seems to be a non-falsifiable article of faith for many. The media bombard us with it. We are told it is eithical to travel. We are to save the planet. The government bombards us with advertisements and relishes the imposition of green taxes the way the 18th century one taxed windows. Children feel their future threatened. I am a thermosceptic. There is warming but there always have been cycles. Is it to do with CO2 emissions. I doubt it as mars is warming up too and they have no emissions from fossil fuels. I am as sceptical about scientists predicting the future as about them pontificating on the unobservable past. For that reason, that science can say nothing without observation I am also a sceptic about evolutionism. Natural selection is observable. The start of the universe was not. The former is science. The latter is mere speculation. God only knows. He alone observed and gave us His account. I put not my trust in princes nor in scientists like Dawkins when they stray beyond their fields of competence.

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