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How the world changed in the Past Decade. Part 1. Islam.

The defining event of the decade was 9/11. Until the planes hit the twin towers Islam was around us in the form of many immigrants but it was not seen as a major challenge to Western civilisation. The World Trade Centre changed all that.

The person claiming responsibility for mass murder was Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy Arab who like Saddam Hussein had at times been funded by the USA as he had attacked their enemies in Afghanistan. Now in one stroke he had become world public enemy number one and was hiding in Afghanistan. Two things then happened. The US invaded Afghanistan supporting the Northern Alliance against the Taliban who were Osama's allies. Secondly, Western leaders declared Islam to be the religion of peace. Ironically it took mass murder to produce the biggest political lie since the UK was told that the then Common Market was not about politics but economics. Have as high a proportion of the people swallowed this second lie? Hard to tell as Joe public is usually ignorant and/or apathetic.

Why do I say this is a lie about Islam? Two reasons. Islam does not mean peace. It means submission, submission to the inevitable. Whatever Allah wills must be accepted. What he wills is taught by the Quran, hadiths and whatever Islamic teacher you wish to follow That is unless you are a Westernised Muslim who wants the mainly economic benefits of the West and has abandoned the dream of a world umma under shari'a and a Khalif. The westernised or liberal Muslim who is in a majority in Western Muslims, is a person of peace with the West. He knows how his bread is buttered and does not want to rock the boat with a pipe dream of a universally Islamic world. After all, like most migrants throughout history, the Muslims in the West are economic migrants . They do not want to destroy that which has attracted them away from their poor and/or oppresive Islamic countries. So most Muslims in the West ae people of peace and we have been told their's is the religion of peace so that the peace of our countries is not disrupted by civil unrest. After all it was only 90 years before that dachshunds were being killed in England for being symbols of the murderous Huns. I believe that when Muslims are people of peace it is despite their faith, not because of it. I believe the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim, one who has compromised his faith This is because as a Christian who applies his faith to all of life and to live without compromise in an ungodly world, I believe the Muslims who live in a similar uncompromising way are the true good Muslims, good from an Islamic perspective, and the dangerous one for us kaffirs. I recognise Islam like Judaism and Christianity, is a broad church. But as with Judaism, my sympathies are with the strictly orthodox, for that is where I am as a reformed evangelical Christian.

The history of Islam is one of different strands. There have always been the more peaceable and then those who are all for a jihadist expansionist Islam. I believe true Islam wants world domination with those of us not Muslims, merely tolerated as second class people. For this reason my views on Islam have hardened. I once believed in the British Muslims' call for their own faith schools. believing education is the responsibility of parents not the state, I favoured faith schools for Muslims as well as other religions. I now favour faith schools for everyone with the exception of Muslims. Let them have their madrasas but their children need to be part of schools which encourage social cohesion not ones of religious apartheid.

Why has militant Islam come to the fore? I do not believe the root causes are either povtery or Zionism, the oft blamed roots of Islamism. I believe the root of the violence is Islam itself. It is rooted in the behaviour of their beloved leader who was ruthless towards his enemies. He taught Islam is the only true religion and all the world must submit to Allah. Islam must rule. Life is not dualistic but holistic. Politics and religion are not divorced. There must be one world religious and political order, Islam, the only true way. But since 1917 and the fall of the last Islamic empire and caliphate, Muslims have fallen under the colonial yoke of unbelievers. But with the end of colonialism and the wealth from oil a resurgent militancy has come onto the world stage. Saudi has used oil dollars to promote uncompromising Wahabbism, begetter of hatred and terrorism. Young, rebellious Muslims frustrated by the yawning chasm between Islamic claims and achievements, between aspirations and reality, have been encouraged to the ultimate in violence, self destruction. It is an envy and hatred of the West. As a Christian I share their hatred of some characteristics of secular Western civilisation: dualism with religion privatised, secularism, sexual immorality, perversion, lust for power, exaltation of the trivial and celebrity, abortion, greed and materialism, multiculturalism = relativism, evolutionism and post-modernism. However, because I am a Christian I can distinguish culture from faith in a way the Muslim cannot. I can separate church from state. I do not equate the West with Christiantiy but with godless Enlightenment rationalism. The young men who become suicide bombers may be a surprise to family and friends. You cannot tell if your Muslim friend might be secretly radicalised. Knowledge of the Muslim doctrine of deceit, taqiyya leads to further wariness. Islamists are like homosexuals. Some may shout aloud what they are but others do not disclose what they do in secret. I am pleasantly surprised by the easy going tolerance of indigenous Westerners towards Muslims.

Some in the West have sought to warm about the threat of Eurabia. Our intelligentia scornfully dismiss their fears. Ghaddafi has claimed that Islam will conquer Europe by demography alone. Liberals deny it. When will these multiculturalists realise that Islam is a different beast from all other religions. Good Muslims do not want to integrate, they want to dominate. Immigration should be better controlled. Religious profiling should be part of airport security.

Lest some one conclude I am Islamophobic let me say that sometimes I am with Islam against the West. See above. If I was not a Christian I would be for banning all Muslim immigration. i am a Christian and welcome the opportunity to evangelise Muslims in my home country. I have friends from Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan who have left Islam for Christ. Islam and Christianity are both missionary religions but Christians do not regard apostasy as a capital crime. If you ask me the biggest difference between Muslims and Christians I would say Muslims are always better than their faith. Christians are always worse than their beliefs. I want to encourage friendship and dialogue. I want to see Meetings for Mutual Understanding between Christians and Muslims. I want us to be co-belligerents politically against abortion, immorality and perversion.

Politically I want to see Western states far more vocal on behalf of Christians suffering in Islamic states,;more active support their human rights;. no more mosques here until Saudi and Afghanistan have church buildings; no more funding of questionable Muslim groups and scrap all legislation that protects Islamists from repatriation to Islamic states.

Fear of offending Muslims is very real. Theo Van Gogh was murdered. The BBC admits it will insult Christian sensibilities in a way it will not treat Islam. The Danish cartoons have not been publish by any main line UK or USA media. The Simpsons have no Muslims to laugh at only Christians, Jews and Hindus. The liberal media are frightened dhimmis and with present day trends in hate crime legislation one wonders how long one will be free to blog like this, name the false prophet and critique false religion.

One thing I have noticed is that Christians who are Muslim background believers, have in general a harder line approach to matters Islamic than do other Christians. Many missionaries would believe Allah is the Arabic name for the one true God. Most MBBs take a harder line saying we worship different Gods. I now believe Muslims seek to submit to their creator but are total strangers to the only true God. For he is what they explicitly deny. One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians alone know the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians are sinners. I will confess one of my failings. I am irritated by the in your face uncompromisingly imperialistic nature of Islam. When my wife and I visit an Islamic country like Afghanistan, we adapt to local Islamic cultural mores and cover our bodies accordingly. But many Muslims in the West insist on more than the modesty in dress their faith requires, far more then Western standards of modest dress. Muslim women particular proclaim their religion by covering up. I find this irritating but now sublimate my irritation. I pray for, not curse the Muslims I see on the street. I have also taken to wearing a cross.

Finally a very personal observation. I am a confrontationalist. My blog is read in Muslim lands. Yet the few people who respond critically to my musings are the other group I confront, the homosexualists.

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