Thursday, January 14, 2010

An example of ridiculous red tape

Half way through the month I get this. NCSO is No Cheaper Supply Obtainable.

'Drug Tariff News
NCSO January 2010
The following products have been given NCSO status for the month of January 2010

Diltiazem 60mg modified release tablets
Pseudoephedrine 60mg tablets
It is essential that contractors endorse the prescription fully with the letters ‘NCSO' and full details of the product dispensed (e.g. manufacturer, brand name or price if it is an uncommon item and pack size). The endorsement must also be signed and dated. If any of this information is missing, payment will be based on the Drug Tariff price rather than the endorsed product.

The NCSO concession only lasts for the month it is granted. If at the beginning of the following month the situation is not resolved, a new application is made NCSO status .'

Why in the name of efficiency cannot I merely endorse the brand I gave out? The rest is time wasting superfluous work inflicted on the private sector by bums on public sector seats. Why are they so inefficient as to take half the month to realise these drugs which have been unobtainable in generic form for months are still not to be had? PRATTS.



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