Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My most unusual speaking invitation ever

If I remember correctly it was about 17 years ago I was invited to address the West London Campaign for Homosexual Equality, my most unusual speaking invitation ever. The invitation came via a borough councillor on the opposite benches who was openly of that orientation and I had entered politics in opposition to such things. Their brochure listed former speakers, a veritable Who's Who of media and arts etc. The only name I recognised who would have stood where I did was Lord Longford. They met in a pub and told me I was to be preferred to his lordship for I only supped their beer not whisky. It was a very civil meeting. I gave a Christian basis for opposing what they wished to do. Since then I think they have achieved most of their aims and the Conservatives, whose councillor I then was have ceased to oppose such things with Cameron voting to repeal Section 28 of the Education Act which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality in schools. I too have seen the light and left the Tories for the Christian Peoples Alliance.

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