Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eurostar to Brussels

Yesterday morning I was to take the early train to Brussels. Other Presbytery members were going too on the same train so i asked one to book a cab. He said it would be 5.40 am from church. At 5 a.m. I thought I should check my ticket To my horror I realised the train left at 5.55. Mt friends were on a later train. Throwing my packing in my case I phoned for a cab. It was slow coming, arriving about 5.20. I thought I had missed my train. Check in was ending in 5 minutes. I got to the station about 5.45. Approaching the check in I said I was too late. No they said, phoned the train and told me to go through security. I ran to the train. I was in carriage 17, farthest but one. I boarded breathless and a minute later we were off on the 2 hour trip.

Eurostar is one of the world's best transport experiences, smooth, quiet and the fastest way to the continent. It beats flying hands down. You cannot get on a plane a minute before it takes off.

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