Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Message from the President of the Christian Peoples Alliance

This week has seen yet further attacks on the conscience and liberties
of Christians in the workplace. Secular intolerances of all kinds are
trying to close down the public space in which Christians can act and
speak. No political party in Parliament is standing up against this.

We can expect the Equalities Bill to make life harder for Christians
and churches who wish to stand by biblical values.

At the same time, we see public disaffection with the secular parties
and a turning to apathy, despair and extremist positions.

The Christian way is to witness to a different possibility - of lives
changed by the power of the Gospel and communities transformed by
faithful Christian service and action. (See how the CPA does this by
visiting www.cpaparty.org.uk )

In Britain, Christians have a duty to hold fast to what is good. We must
not give up in bringing transformation and the spirit of hope to our local
neighbourhoods. Overseas - in places such as Pakistan, Nigeria and
Egypt - we see the reality of true Christian sacrifice as they face real

As a party in the Christian Democratic tradition, the Christian Peoples
Alliance is regularly contacted by Christians overseas who say they are
inspired by our political witness. It is no con-incidence that in the past
few days these have come from the 'frontline' - from Pakistan and from

With the UK General Election not far away and local elections coming at
the same time, how will politics make a difference here? Let me tell you.

Not long ago I was at the AGM of a major Christian charity. A senior member
of its leadership team told me that the answer to the mood of anti-Christian
intolerance in Britain is for millions of ordinary churchgoers to stand up and
be counted. He thought some kind of collective statement on Facebook
might achieve this. Of course, lots of different answers are needed. But the
easiest way for Christians to stand up to the secular onslaught whilst serving
in the gentle Spirit of Christ is to use your vote and to offer an alternative.

At the darkest times in our nation's history, Christians have come forward
to make a difference and be the change our country needs. In other countries
in Europe, Christians across the denominations have formed parties to stand
in elections. By God's grace, that is what the Christian Peoples Alliance is
doing in Britain. We have a moment of change coming. We need you and those
you know in your church to play a part.

The CPA has councillors elected in London who demonstrate the difference
Christian Democracy can make. But we want to see more elected. It costs
nothing to be a local Council candidate. And it is amazing how the other
parties and the newspapers respond! Where I live in Kingston upon Thames,
13 members of my church allowed their names to go forward as candidates
in Council elections 3 years ago. We made front page newspaper headlines
and showed practical Christian alternatives to current problems. In other
boroughs, secular politicians started to notice the difference churches make.

Will you consider doing the same in your Council district? Do you know people
in your church who will be the difference this country needs? Even if they don't
get elected, CPA Council Candidates are a beacon of hope and a good way
of making the secular parties sit up and notice the work of the Christian
community. The CPA team is small and made up entirely of volunteers. But we
can help you in the process of standing for election. Just email me and I will
put you in touch with others where you live. Together we can make an impact.

So far in London, where every borough has elections next May 2010, we have
people coming forward wanting to make a stand. But we need more willing to
be candidates. And we need more co-ordinators. And of course we want to
see candidates standing outside London in other districts where there are

Lastly, there is the General Election. Please pray for Christians in all parties.
And please consider whether God is calling you to run for Parliament. Today
on the radio there was a discussion of the likely possibility of a 'hung' Parliament
where no party has a majority. In these circumstances, parties have to work
together. The objective of the CPA in the future is to enter coalition government
to pursue Christian aims and values. By standing today, we intend to make a
major impact in the politics of tommorrow.

Yours with Advent greetings,

David Campanale
CPA President
07873 625396

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