Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grass Valley, California 24 July, 6.30 a.m.

I had a quiet day yesterday. I took my hosts to lunch at a very good local Italian restaurant. One of the things I like about the U.S, and there are many, is the quality, quantity and price of eating out. It is just as well I do not live here as I would be even larger than my present considerable bulk. Also the standard of service in eating places and retail establishments is far higher than in the U.K.

Another positive is that this is a far more friendly country, certainly to a visitor from England. In five visits here, only a few Irish Americans in Boston have been less than welcoming. The only unwelcoming places, and this applies to all who drive through them, are the Native American reservations.

Positives far outweigh negatives in my estimation. My biggest gripe is sales tax. The visitor will not know how much money to get ready for a purchase as the price displayed is not inclusive of tax. My other mnor gripe is that life is tied to the cell phone. Mobile phones may be cordless but the people are so attached to them. England is bad in this respect but here it is worse. I had to laugh at this yesterday. Driving to lunch, Dennis complained that his nephew in the back of the Jeep was interrupting his conversation with me. Ty, in the back of the vehicle, was not butting in at all, merely talking loudly on his phone.

So not much else to relate from yesterday. I did a little shopping and visited the home of Dennis's assistant pastor in the evening.

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